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Congratulations Associate Professor Andrew Vakulin

Congratulations to CRE chief investigator Andrew Vakulin on his recent academic promotion to level D, Associate Professor. Andrew is an NH and MRC Career Development Fellow at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, Flinders University and an affiliate researcher at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and University of Sydney. His broad research interests and expertise are investigating the impact of sleep disorders and sleep loss on day time function and vigilance, particularly in relation to operational performance such as fatigue related motor vehicle and workplace accident risk.

His current research focus is the exploration of novel neurophysiological, neurobehavioral and biological measures or "biomarkers" that may be useful in clinically identifying individual patients who may be more vulnerable to sleepiness-related impairments and accident risk. Associate Professor Vakulin's further research interests include investigating the efficacy of sleep apnoea treatment in improving day time function and examining the prevalence and health outcomes and costs of obstructive sleep apnoea in Australia.

Huge congratulations to Andrew on this very well deserved achievement.

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