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Welcome to the national Centre for sleep health Services Research.


The NCSHSR provides world class research through multidisciplinary research and industry partnerships with health professionals and researchers who are national and international leaders in their field.

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In December 2014 the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health was recognised as A Flinders Centre of Research Excellence (AISH FCRE) to acknowledge and formalise strong existing relationships between AISH, Flinders University and the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network. 

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student opportunities

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Background: Healthy sleep is vital for good physical and mental health. Sleep disorders and voluntary and societally-driven sleep restriction have a major negative impact on health, productivity and safety in Australia and internationally. A conservative estimate of the direct and indirect economic cost in Australia of the two most common disorders of obstructive sleep apnoea and insomnia alone is over $5 billion per year. Disturbingly, current health services and policy fail to cost-effectively manage these highly prevalent disorders due to inadequate training and resourcing of primary care professionals in sleep management and over-reliance on specialist services, complex and costly sleep apnea testing and unregulated industry practices. 


To address this problem the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health (AISH) was ... read more...

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Research volunteers

The National Centre for Sleep Health Services Research will be conducting research requiring participants at various stages of the project, please check back for more information.​

For more information please contact us.

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Research outputs

The National Centre for Sleep Health Services Research Team will gather evidence on the community care for people with sleep disorders and investigate new practical approaches to improving sleep health service delivery in primary care in Australia and internationally. This new information will be incorporated into evidence- based primary care practice guidelines and practice change promulgated though policy initiatives where appropriate. For information on current publications click here.

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